News Roundup on #StopLine3 in Minnesota: Enbridge May Have Crossed the Wrong People

More than 30 legislators from Minnesota’s House of Representatives and Senate released a letter demanding the state halt the Line 3 project and order Enbridge to cease drilling until more data is available about what, exactly, is being released everywhere Enbridge goes and what happens to it once it’s loose.

It’s too early to know what will come of this but the fact that actual Powers That Be are mad might be a sign that things are finally happening.

Report Back from the Treaty People Gathering

An incredible action. When we headed back to the blockade site this morning, there were still 4 people locked to the boat blocking the road into the site. A few people across the road stayed overnight to provide some support. Activists with a lot of direct action experience and skills, and those with little or none, all worked together beautifully.

In-Person Actions: At Long Last!

On a bright sunny Friday morning, activists fighting climate catastrophe gathered in Cully Park, in the largest numbers since the pandemic struck last year. 350PDX provided bright sunflower umbrellas while newly vaccinated comrades greeted each other with hugs. On the 5-year anniversary of the Mosier train derailment, we were there to tell the media and the City of Portland to deny the Land Use Compatibility Statement that Zenith Energy needs to get an air quality permit from the Department of Environmental Quality.