Pushing Forward on Stopping Line 3

Before the spring thaw approaches, it’s a critical time to Stop Line 3, as Enbridge will start drilling under the waterways, wild rice wetlands, and the headwaters of the Mississippi.

Contact the White House and put pressure on them to Stop Line 3!

XR US members from around the country are meeting weekly and continuing to work on this project. Monthly trips are being planned to answer the call of Indigenous activists for more bodies on the frontlines. We can help individuals get in touch with trainers and support groups and other XR groups are returning first week in June!

In addition, XR groups around the country are organizing hometown actions both to Stop the Money Pipeline but also to pressure the Biden administration to cancel Line 3 and all tar sands pipelines in the US. In addition, XR is part of a media project trying to both amplify Indigenous voices from the frontlines, but also to breakthrough into mainstream media to get coverage of the resistance movements. A local Indigenous activist is raising funds to bring frontline youth back to Minnesota to take part in this historic struggle.

If you are interested in supporting any of these projects working to Stop Line 3, contact di1276@protonmail.com for more information!


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