Extinction Rebellion in Portland, Oregon – XRPDX – is a local chapter in the international Extinction Rebellion movement and one of 60 groups in XR US.

XRPDX organizes people in the Portland, Oregon Metro area:

  • By taking action (online and in person) to resist fossil fuel infrastructure, educate the broader public about the climate emergency, and support our allies in social justice struggles
  • By spreading the word: a weekly newsletter; a website and blog; and social media (Facebook and Instagram)

We are building a supportive activist culture of appreciation and skill-sharing. We share a love of the natural world and a vision of a more just and equitable world.

Action of the Week

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day Celebration

Come celebrate our Mother Earth! Come costumed as an animal or plant, walking, rolling or on a bike! Join the parade!

Spread the word! All are invited.

What: Earth Day Parade and Earth "Church" (a non-religious celebration)
When: Saturday, April 20th, 11:30 AM Meet up, 12 PM Parade, 1:30 PM Earth "Church"
Where: The Parade starts at the Sunnyside Schoolyard, 3421 SE Salmon.
Earth "Church" will be celebrated at Sunnyside Community Center, 3520 SE Yamhill

Cheer and bow to Earth's radical abundance, her spectacular, everyday greenery, breezes, sunshine, rain, and birdsongs. Bask in her divine glory and give thanks for belonging here.


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CEI Hub Press Conference

CEI Hub Press Conference

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