Extinction Rebellion in Portland, Oregon – XRPDX – is a local chapter in the international Extinction Rebellion movement and one of 60 groups in XR US.

XRPDX organizes people in the Portland, Oregon Metro area:

  • By taking action (online and in person) to resist fossil fuel infrastructure, educate the broader public about the climate emergency, and support our allies in social justice struggles
  • By spreading the word: a weekly newsletter; a website and blog; and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

We are building a supportive activist culture of appreciation and skill-sharing. We share a love of the natural world and a vision of a more just and equitable world.

Action of the Week

Image of a port in the lower Columbia River

Testify to Stop Port Westward Refinery 

 At 1.15 million tons of carbon pollution each year, the proposed renewable diesel refinery would be one of Oregon’s largest emitters of greenhouse gas pollution, mostly from fracked gas used to make hydrogen ...
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The Latest

Girl holding a sign saying If you did your job I would be in school

Youth, Power, and Collective Action: The Youth Climate Strike

A major obstacle in solving the climate crisis is that our collective interests are in conflict with those who have ...
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Photo of adult emperor penguin with baby penguin.

Reflections on Climate Grief

Climate grief is a confrontation of the cruel irrationality of the Anthropocene. I grieve when one of Antarctica’s largest emperor ...
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Extinction Rebellion PDX banner that says: "Climate Emergency/ Tell the Truth"

Testimony at City of Portland Budget Hearing

The City has added funding for Bureau of Planning and Sustainability staffing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and involve the ...
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