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Deadline Glasgow: Stop Funding Climate Chaos

Deadline Glasgow: Stop Funding Climate Chaos

Adapted from our friends at Stop The Money Pipeline

On November 1st, the most important international climate talks since the Paris Agreement will begin in Glasgow, Scotland. COP26 presents an historic opportunity for the world to act on climate, but we won’t see the transformational action we need ― unless the climate movement holds governments and corporations accountable.

Meanwhile, financial institutions ― from banks to insurance companies ― are still providing loans, insurance and billions in investment capital to corporations expanding the fossil fuel industry and deforesting the Amazon and other tropical forests. These companies are guilty of human rights abuses and violations of Indigenous sovereignty.

As part of an international effort organized by Stop The Money Pipeline, local folks are going to deliver a petition with over 150,000 signatories to bank branches, insurance offices, and key federal targets. The demand? That all financial ...
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