ACTION REPORT: Inaugurate Justice!

On Wednesday, January 20th, around 200 people turned out at Irving Park for the Inaugurate Justice Rally and March.

Prior to the event there was a car caravan that left PCC Cascade with messages about Black Lives Matter, Climate Justice, Police Accountability, Health Care for All, and Labor Rights. The caravan ended up at Irving Park just as speakers were starting.

Speakers spoke on the need to push the new Biden administration and local officials on racial justice and police accountability, Indigenous sovereignty, Health care for all, reducing the military budget to fund human needs, immigrant rights, and Climate justice including the need for a Green New Deal nationally and Oregon Clean Energy Opportunities bills closer to home. The Inaugurate Justice crowd then took to the street for a march led by Frontline Drumline.

About Diana M.

Diana M. (she/her) is one of XRPDX's action coordinators and a contributor to the XRPDX newsletter.


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