Death of a Pipeline

On Day One of his presidency, Joe Biden signed executive orders to re-enter the United States into the Paris Climate Agreement and rescind the Keystone XL pipeline permit. Pretty good for starters. Kudos to all who have worked hard for this moment, especially the young climate activists who didn’t even wait to be old enough to vote to become politically powerful.
The KXL pipeline struggle lasted a decade. Stopping Jordan Cove LNG took a grueling 15 years. We don’t have that kind of time – if we ever did – to concentrate so much activism on fighting any single project, no matter how massive and detrimental. This decade must see one win after another, not just stopping the NEW bad projects, but retiring the old industries and technologies that we personally, and the entire global economy, have been dependent on. And simultaneously, we must build a new economy not based on endless growth on a finite planet, but on justice.
The French Revolution was child’s play compared to this. But what are we going to do, give up?
Whatever we think of him, let’s take our new president’s advice: Let’s get to work. Stopping Line 3 in Minnesota could end all the tar sands pipeline projects in North America. Closing down Zenith Oil Facility would be another great win. Following up on Portland’s Climate Emergency Declaration, passed unanimously by the City Council, is another tool for serious, deep cuts in local emissions.
We have a “ghastly future of mass extinction” to avert. We have a future to win. And we have a decade in which to do it. The clock is ticking.
Join us!


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