Reckless Human Mastery

Photo Credit: Ivan Radic We human beings are animals, like millions of other species who move about the earth, communicate vocally and visually, gather, harvest, and/or hunt other species for food, and manipulate pieces of … Read more

Oppose Oregon “Domestic Terrorism” Legislation

“There has to be a way to protect infrastructure while also supporting citizens to express their voices. I urge you to include voices traditionally most vulnerable to all manner of injustices in the process of … Read more

A Look at Egypt Post-COP27

Sign about plastic pollution

Long before COP27, I had plans to visit my mom where she was teaching in Egypt, for Christmas. During the COP, XRPDX brought to my, and many others’ attention, the human rights violations against political activists by Egypt’s regime. We rallied at Pioneer Courthouse Square in November in support of Alaa Abd El-Fattah and an estimated 60,000 people unjustly behind bars.

Year-End XRPDX Working Group Reports

Image of large old-fashioned clock with hands set at one minute to midnight.

ANCE (Act Now for Climate Emergency) Report  By Diane Meisenhelter During 2022, XRPDX’s ANCE work group monitored and protested the City of Portland’s inaction on reducing GHG emissions.   Early in the year we pressured the City … Read more