Support Clean Energy and Carbon Reduction in Oregon

The Oregon Just Transition Alliance is working with Oregon state legislators to sponsor three bills for the 2021 legislative session. These are bills that deserve support and action now.

100% Clean Energy for All (bill number still to come) with its strong labor requirements will get Oregon on track to non-polluting energy that creates good, local jobs in our communities and community-based energy projects that increase independence and disaster resilience. Energy Affordability (House Bill 2475) will allow our state to create different rates for people with lower incomes to ensure nobody pays more than their fair share for home heating and electricity. Healthy Homes (House Bill 2842) will create a new program at the Oregon Health Authority to expand access to retrofits that make homes warmer, healthier, and more energy efficient, leading to lower energy bills, fewer sick days, and less exposure to harmful air quality like diesel exhaust and wildfire smoke.

To write your state legislators urging them to support this legislation, go to


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