The St. Patrick’s Day Caravan Against Zenith

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, people from several local organizations organized by Cedar.Green (formerly Stop Zenith Collaborative), gathered at the stinky, polluting, ever-expanding Zenith Energy site. We then ran a car caravan, led by the World On Fire truck with a giant banned demanding we “Get the Black Snake Out of Portland”. (The “Black Snake” is a reference to a Lakota prophecy about a world-destroying monster that uncannily resembles an oil pipeline.) We finally arrived at City Hall to deliver messages to the City Council to stop Zenith’s dirty oil operations, construction and expansion.

Zenith has been taking advantage of the pandemic to expand their operations without all necessary permits, apparently they figure no one is paying attention.

But we are!

About Lynn Spitaleri Handlin

Organizing member of Extinction rebellion pdx, founding member of Cascadia Magical Activists, loves doing habitat restoration for fun.


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