Join the Pipeline Apocalypse!

In Minnesota, the Public Utilities Commission there voted to allow Enbridge to build a pipeline replacement project known as Line 3. This pipeline will carry tars sands crude across northern Minnesota and will be routed through pristine bodies of water and wild rice lakes. The route violates an 1855 treaty that supposedly grants hunting, fishing, and gathering rights to the indigenous peoples living there. A pipeline rupture would be catastrophic for them and all Minnesotans living in that region. And why are fossil fuel projects like this being allowed anyway when it is clear that we have already pushed the climate to the brink?

This current week of March 8th to 14th has been designated as a national week of action to stop the Line 3 pipeline project. Activists from XR and other organizations from all parts of the US have arrived at the Line 3 construction site in Minnesota to join Indigenous water defenders and other activists who have been protesting to block Line 3 construction for months. Over 100 people have already been arrested.

The on-the-ground opposition to Line 3 is requesting that those of us who cannot make the trip to Minnesota engage in solidarity actions in our own hometowns this week. 

So, in that spirit, Stop the Money Pipeline and XRPDX are calling you to join for our own “Pipeline Apocalypse” where we will enact the death and destruction that will happen when a pipeline carrying the poisonous black sludge that is diluted Alberta tar sands crude oil springs a leak over the very land that people and other beings depend upon for their very existence.

Our first performance. Video by Jan Haaken Films

We have already staged our first performance this last Monday, March 8th (See below). Our 2nd performance is Friday, March 12 at 4 PM. We are inviting you to join us. We already know you are a talented bunch, so no audition is required. But please do come dressed in character—as your favorite animal, or maybe even a plant, like wild rice for example. Actors dressed up as plain-old humans are also welcome. Be prepared to act out a sticky, sludgy, apocalyptic, totally gross disaster, at a COVID-19 safe distance from the rest of the cast, of course.

Here are the time and location details:

2nd Performance: Friday, March 12, 4 PM.  
Meet at Grant Park in Northeast Portland [map]. Again, we will gather here and then walk to the Chase Bank performance site a few blocks away.

Wear an animal or plant costume or come as you are! We will also have animal props on hand but please do bring your own if you have them. Also, wear a mask or maybe two (or seven).

Break a leg!

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