Connect to the Global Rebellion Movement!

Want to know more about Extinction Rebellion as a planetary movement, with over 1100 local groups active in 76 countries? Here are a few ways to expand your awareness:

(Note: I’ve been really enjoying this every Sunday evening, as various youngish XR rebels from London bring news and views from the movement in the UK and worldwide.)

Every Friday, from my Twitter “perch” on @XR_PDX, I view photos and messaging pouring in from the global Fridays For Future movement, also known as School Strike for Climate, started by Greta Thunberg in August 2018. It’s humbling, poignant and inspiring to see young people from Uganda to Australia, India to the Arctic, some at risk of arrest, hold their signs and show their commitment to climate action.


Join the Pipeline Apocalypse!

How Pipelines Hide in the Shadow of Genocide