What is Regenerative Culture?

Regenerative Cultures seek to bring a different approach to climate and other activist movements, to demonstrate the changes we want to deeply experience. New cultures of caring that are resilient and robust can support us all. Regenerative Cultures precede, hold us through and last beyond the actions that we take as part of our rebellion against climate breakdown, the destruction of the natural world, and the extinction of species—including humans.

In the Extinction Rebellion international movement, and here in Portland’s XRPDX, we recognize that we have much work to do to generate meaningful and lasting change in our shared world.

At its simplest, this means putting a little bit more in than we take out. For more on regenerative culture and resources in this time of coronavirus, XR Earth has deep dive that’s well worth the read: https://rebellion.earth/alone-together/

By the way, XRPDX’s Regen workgroup is active during lockdown! They’ll be meeting Saturday, May 23rd at 11 am via Zoom. If you’re interested, contact margaretjwj@gmail.com for more information.


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