This Earth Day, I Am Tired

A young person with bright red hair and a blue denim jacket sitting in a room holds up a notebook in which the words CLIMATE STRIKE ONLINE
(Climate Strike Online…and Everywhere. Photo credit: Tri Sanger)

This Earth Day, as we reach nearly a month without rain here in the Pacific Northwest, I am tired.

I am tired of the fire warning being red in April. I am tired of Big Oil still running this country. I am tired of pipelines that are still being built, no matter how hard people fight. I am tired that the US government is still committing genocide against Indigenous people. I am tired that dams are still killing salmon. I am tired that it’s looking like Zenith Energy Terminal’s permits will be renewed. I am tired that coal trains continue to trundle forward.

I am tired that state governments blame renewable energy for problems brought on by fossil fuels. I am tired that Japan is releasing radioactive contaminated water into the Pacific. I am tired of plastic. I am tired of ODOT pushing forward to expand I-5 into the Harriet Tubman Middle School grounds. I am tired of clear cuts. I am tired of wildfires and droughts and pests and disease. I am tired that 100 companies contribute the most to the climate crisis and yet feel no retribution. I am tired that the City of Portland has yet to declare concrete steps toward decarbonization. I am tired that the US military, prison industrial complex, and police contribute so much to climate change, as well as ruin millions of lives every year.

I am tired.

I am tired of teaching my students and seeing them already despair over the climate. I am tired of protesting this shit. I am tired. I am tired. 

No. Scratch that. I am not tired. I am outraged

Happy Earth Day. Happy Greenwashing Day.

About Tri Sanger

Tri Sanger (they/them) is XRPDX's Youth Outreach Coordinator and a contributor to the XRPDX newsletter and Instagram account.


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