The Scariest Monster of All: Climate Chaos!

On October 30, dozens of activists gathered on the Tilikum Bridge to inform the public, with flyers, banner, signs and the World on Fire Truck, about the climate emergency. The very scary Methane Monster was there, in honor of our local methane monster: “NW Natural”. Sounds so natural, healthy, climate friendly but oh wait! Methane emissions are 80 times worse than carbon dioxide in fueling climate chaos. Which is really scary.

We also had the Zenith Energy team: Inferno and Oily Slick, scaring the hell out of everyone.

All who gathered learned more about the youth hunger strikers in DC and how to support them.

The general public thought they were there to see the Witches Paddle (which was pretty cool), but they also got to learn about Very Scary Climate issues.

About Lynn Spitaleri Handlin

Organizing member of Extinction rebellion pdx, founding member of Cascadia Magical Activists, loves doing habitat restoration for fun.


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