MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Join the Stop Zenith Caravan: May 2nd, 1pm

This month the City of Portland has the chance to deny Zenith a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) as part of their application to Department of Environmental Quality for an air quality permit. Unfortunately, the City just approved Zenith’s LUCS for a stormwater drainage permit, so it is critical that we put pressure on them to deny this 2nd LUCS before the end of May.

XRPDX is organizing a caravan of bikes, cars, and other vehicles to go through North Portland neighborhoods in the tar sands train blast zones. We will hand out postcards and information for neighbors to send to City Commissioners, encouraging them to do the right thing.

We will start near New Columbia in the Portsmouth neighborhood(exact kickoff location TBA), move through the area around Roosevelt High School, and possibly cross the St. John’s Bridge to go to the Zenith Oil Facility.

Cedar Green (formerly known as the Stop Zenith Collaborative) is organizing folks to send Mother’s Day cards “for our children and future generations: Stop Zenith” to the City Council. So, if you can’t make the caravan, be sure to send Dan Ryan (Commissioner of the Bureau of Developmental Services) and other City Commissioners a card.

If you are interested in helping to organize or take part in the caravan, contact


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