Our Letter to the Marriott

(XRPDX speaking to Marriott management. Photo credit: Janet Weil)

This letter was delivered to the Marriott’s management as part of the July 25th action.

To: The People In Charge of The Marriott Corporation

From: Concerned Portlanders

RE: Ending The Support of The Occupation Of Portland

The Marriott is currently providing lodging and support for the occupying federal forces in our city. We do not want them here. They were not asked to come here by anyone who lives here. The Marriott is in a position now to take action to end this unconstitutional occupation.

There are currently a number of lawsuits being brought against this occupation. Do you really want to be on the wrong side of that? These Homeland Security Troops are attacking medics, people providing food for those without, non-violent protestors, and anyone else who happens to be in the area. Is this what you want your corporate image to be?

It is time for The Marriott to stop supporting the occupying force that is seriously harming our city.


A Whole Lot of Concerned Portlanders


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