October 30: Climate Crisis Is The Real Horror

As Hallowe’en approaches, we are waiting see whether Zenith Energy challenges the City of Portland’s denial of its Land Use Compatibility Statement and the DEQ’s decision to deny Zenith’s air quality permit. We haven’t forgotten (how could we?) the continuing threat of Zenith oil trains and transshipment facility to our city’s health and safety, and to the global climate, especially as COP26 is coming right up in Glasgow, Scotland, the following day. Yes, climate negotiations start on Hallowe’en – scarily appropriate!

The climate crisis is The Real Horror and Zenith is Our Community Nightmare!

At the Witches Paddle on October 30 starting at 11 am, we will alert the many spectators to this threat and what they can DO, starting at S Bond & S Meade (map) before we spread out to do this outreach action. In keeping with the theme (and reality) of Zenith as Community Nightmare, we will be dressed as oil slicks and inferno flames. For more info, email info@xrpdx.org. Join us!


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