It’s Time for our Spring Rebellion!

XR PDX and allies will be taking to the streets to say it’s time to transition from doom to bloom.  We are planning three actions:

April 24th, Noon, Pioneer Courthouse Square 

Let’s pop the fossil fuel bubble, focused on the banks funding the climate catastrophe (more info here).

April 26th, 8:45 am, 1120 SW 5th # 206

Support OPAL (Organizing People, Activating Leaders) in fighting Tri-Met’s proposed fare increase (more info here).

April 29th, Noon, Zenith Energy 5501 NW Front

Shut Zenith Down, Save the People, Heal the Earth (more info here).

About Margaret Butler

Margaret Butler was born and raised in Portland and spent 40 years in the labor movement. Upon retirement, she embraced climate justice activism with Climate Jobs PDX and XRPDX.


Pop the Fossil Fuel Bubble

POP! The Fossil Fuel Investment Bubble