Prepare for Impact: Comet MAGA

A cartoon comet with Trump's face.

The movie Don’t Look Up is an obvious metaphor for any situation in which a population carries on with business as usual as doom rapidly approaches. Obviously, that could be climate disruption or the COVID-19 … Read more

Suffering and Sacrifice

A sculpture by Isaac Cordal--Follow the leaders. It depicts global leaders as balding men of European descent groping around in water (the rising sea) up to their chests.

It is logical that the central focus of climate action should directly confront the main contributor to climate change, the use of fossil fuels to provide by primary institutional consumers such as industry and other … Read more

“COP OUT 26”

As national delegates return home from COP26 in Glasgow, there is small positive movement to report, but huge needs for improvement in the climate justice report card. World leaders need massive relentless pressure from their … Read more

The “We’re F****d” To-Do List

A black cardboard sign with day-glo green spray paint lettering. It says "Times up" with an XR logo under it.

We – the entire human and non-human populations of Earth – are now officially in the “We’re F****d” stage of climate crisis. Extinction Rebellion UK called it first, but the IPCC Report that dropped on Monday … Read more