Scientist Rebellion PDX Recap

Two scientists sit-in at Portland Business Alliance to protest their lack of support for climate action.

Scientists have been on the front lines of the worsening climate crisis since it started to become a matter of grave concern in the late 1980s. Over the last several years, many scientists have been … Read more

Why Aren’t You a Rebel?

A temperature map of Antartica depicting well-above normal temperatures in dark red.

I became involved with XR PDX just after it started up a few years ago, in 2019. We were riding the success of XR UK’s impressive shutdowns of London. So, lots of people were excited … Read more

Prepare for Impact: Comet MAGA

A cartoon comet with Trump's face.

The movie Don’t Look Up is an obvious metaphor for any situation in which a population carries on with business as usual as doom rapidly approaches. Obviously, that could be climate disruption or the COVID-19 … Read more

Join the Pipeline Apocalypse!

A Line 3 protester doing a tree sit.

In Minnesota, the Public Utilities Commission there voted to allow Enbridge to build a pipeline replacement project known as Line 3. This pipeline will carry tars sands crude across northern Minnesota and will be routed through pristine bodies … Read more