Action Report: Black Friday at Liberty Mutual

On Friday, November 27th, members of XR answered the call of Indigenous leaders, standing in solidarity with water and land protectors to call for Indigenous Sovereignty in the fight against fossil fuel pipelines. A small but vocal group of local XR members gathered at Liberty Center in Portland, which houses Liberty Mutual Insurance, to decry their involvement in fossil fuel projects.

Liberty Mutual has invested $8.9 billion in fossil fuel companies, is a major insurer of DAPL, Trans Mountain, and other extensive pipelines, and is currently establishing their own coal-fired power plant in Australia. While insuring, investing, and pursuing these projects that contribute to our current climate chaos, Liberty Mutual has systematically denied coverage in wildfire and flood areas.

The hypocrisy of a company that brands itself with Lady Liberty while engaging in genocides against Indigenous communities, and the destruction of all living beings must not go unopposed. XR is amplifying the call of Indigenous leaders, and asking you to stand up and speak out for these resilient yet vulnerable communities.


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