Pacific Northwest Family Circle Wants to Hear from Federally Charged Protesters

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Pacific Northwest Family Circle is putting out a request for protesters who have been charged with federal crimes by local and federal police to give testimony, anonymously if desired.

If you’ve been a victim of this federal overreach, we highly encourage you to contribute!


My name is Maria Cahill. I write on behalf of Pacific Northwest Family Circle, since it was established in 2016 where I support Families who have lost Loved Ones to police violence. Would you be willing to share the following info with people who have been protesting in the George Floyd Uprising in Oregon?

Pacific Northwest Family Circle is organizing around the federal grab of local power ( The next thing that would be most helpful with this work is: COLLECTING PROTESTER IMPACT STATEMENTS. The US Inspector General Michael Horowitz is investigating generally what’s happening in Oregon with police violence. We have a contact in the US House Judiciary Committee who has a contact in the Inspector General’s office who will be interested to incorporate these into the investigation. These will also be used by the US House Judiciary Committee after the Inspector General puts out their report (maybe sometime in December at the earliest).

If you are a PROTESTER who has been CHARGED with FEDERAL CRIMES in Oregon, would you be willing to share your story?

If you meet these criteria and are willing, we’ve assembled some guidance on writing your impact statement and also emotional/mental support resources. There’s lots of details in this guide, but please know that you can offer your impact statement anonymously. Our team, which includes a lawyer, is ready to support you in writing an effective impact statement that is unlikely to harm your case if needed.

Impact statements can go to the same email as questions/concerns: Maria Cahill,

Thank you for being in the street to end police violence and for considering this request!

Maria Cahill
(they/them/any pronouns)


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