XR’s Fundraiser for the Stop Line 3 Water Protectors continues!

The XR fundraiser for the Stop Line 3 Water Protectors has raised over $4300 thus far for Indigeous activists Miigizi Camp and Giniw Collective at the frontlines of stopping Line 3. The documentary Necessity: Oil, Water, and Climate Resistance by Portland activist and filmmaker, Jan Haaken, is streaming through Eventbrite until February 21st. Choose a date, donate on a sliding scale, and then watch the film at your leisure! Get your ticket on Eventbrite!

There will also be a separate educational Zoom panel on Monday, February 15th at 5 pm presenting a first-hand overview of the current Line 3 situation and a series of trainings leading up to a mobilization of activists going to provide frontline support in early March. Zoom login information will be sent to everyone who registers on Eventbrite. You can also request the meeting information via email.

Locally, XRPDX in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Council of Water Protectors is responding to the mobilization call from frontline Minnesota Indigenous activists by organizing a COVID-preventive car caravan to travel to Minnesota in early March. Please help us spread the word and have interested folks attend the educational/action panel above to get details and a training schedule for this national mobilization. If you are interested in finding out more about joining, please contact di1276@protonmail.com for a link to a local discussion of the car caravan details, how we plan to stay COVID-safe, and more.

If you can’t go, but would be willing to help sponsor local Indigenous and other Water Protectors who will be taking the trip, there will be a GoFundMe set up to help cover costs for those needing support with lodging, food, and transportation costs. Watch this space!

Click here for more information about Necessity and webinar panelists!


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