Armed with secondhand chalk, kneeling pads, and handcut flame stencils, we set the XArt affinity group loose on Cathedral Park and the surrounding neighborhoods to raise awareness about Zenith’s blast zone. 

We chalked upwards of 30 sidewalks, roads, and driveways with our message and the evocative oil-train-on-fire design our very own Patti Robrahn came up with. Several of us had the chance to speak with members of the community, many of whom had never heard of Zenith and took pictures to put on social media. 

This was a pilot event and an experiment, and we would like to do it again! We plan to hit other neighborhoods and have been curious about doing a session at the PSU Farmer’s Market and/or the Saturday Market next, ideally with informative flyers in hand. 

This was an excellent and very accessible event for folx new to XR, and we are grateful to have events like this in our back pocket for the future. 

Photo by Jerry Atkin
Photo courtesy of XArt


About Andra Vltavin

Andra Vltavín (VOLT-a-veen) is an activist, poet, creative reuse specialist, and a co-founder of Ethical Yarn Community, a co-op that practices sustainability in fiber arts. They are most often found crocheting, at their spinning wheel, or spending time with their two angora rabbits.


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