Scientist Rebellion News

Scientists have become increasingly dismayed and frustrated with the annual global Conference of the Parties (COP) climate talks. This past fall, Scientist Rebellion staged a series of globally coordinated campaigns related to the 28th COP … Read more

Bringing the Battle to the Water

Little boat, Greta T block an oil tanker at Zenith Energy Dock

Media Release Portland, OR – Extinction Rebellion PDX celebrates and appreciates the activists who took their protest against Zenith Energy to the Willamette River this morning, risking arrest and seasickness. Extinction Rebellion PDX (XR PDX) … Read more

Report Back: Scrub the Hub activists bring the truth to City Council

“The Scrub the Hub coalition is here today to make sure Portlanders’ worries concerning Zenith’s dangers get the attention they deserve. We are here because we refuse to be ignored. We are here to tell City Council that it doesn’t matter who holds the gavel… listen to the people”

We Bloomed! Defiance, Art and Joy at Zenith

“…to the blasts of recorded “breaking news” about transforming the CEI Hub to a place of beauty, we showed first the “Doom” sides, then the “Bloom” sides. A visually powerful moment of transformation. As Patti called out details of Zenith’s ugly history of deception and expansion, we chanted our demand at each point on the timeline: “Why are they still here?!”

Scientist Rebellion PDX Recap

Two scientists sit-in at Portland Business Alliance to protest their lack of support for climate action.

Scientists have been on the front lines of the worsening climate crisis since it started to become a matter of grave concern in the late 1980s. Over the last several years, many scientists have been … Read more