THIS FRIDAY: ❤️ Break Up Before it Blows Up! 💥

(Valentine’s Day cards in the mail, telling the Portland City Council to #BreakUpWithZenith. Want to make your own? It’s not too late! Check out our romantic resources to help Portland dump fossil fuels! Photo and art credit: Anonymous XRPDX Member)

This Friday, February 13th at 11am in front of City Hall, we will be sending a Valentine’s Day message to the City Council: It’s time to #BreakUpWithZenith!

We all know it’s time for Zenith’s oil train facility to go. But we have some new City Council members and they need to be educated about why it is time to Break Up With Zenith. For years, people have been vocally and visibly opposing Zenith, but haven’t yet been able to stop this dirty, dangerous, climate-killing operation. This spring, some permit renewals are due and the City of Portland has an opportunity to weigh in and possibly stop Zenith once and for all.

Join us at City Hall to carry a sign or do some art on the spot! Or, if you can’t join us in person, send your own Valentine message to the City Council at 1221 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97204. (If you need some ideas, we have plenty of resources to get your heart thumping!)


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“Break Up Before It Blows Up” postponed due to weather!