Support HB 2021: The 100% Clean Energy for All Act

From our friends at Families for a Livable Climate:

We are heartened by the passage of the Energy Affordability Act (HB 2475), which will enable low-income community members to keep the lights on and stay warm while Oregon moves toward carbon reduction targets.

However, the highest priority climate bill of the year, HB 2021 (The 100% Clean Energy for All Act), is currently stalled in the Joint Ways and Means Committee. We need legislators to move this bill to the floor for votes in both chambers! Contact your state legislators today; find them here.

Talking points include:

  • Ensure 100% of our electricity in state comes from renewable sources by 2040
  • Provide major incentives to utilities to build here in Oregon the wind, solar, microgrid and battery storage projects needed to meet this goal (thus providing thousands of jobs)
  • Maximize economic opportunities within these projects for rural, low-income and environmental justice communities by ensuring living wage jobs with benefits.

On May 27th, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) hosted a fact-finding hearing about “natural” gas, AKA methane. Dozens of Oregonians from across the state expressed bewilderment that DEQ’s proposed emissions reduction rules do NOT include “natural” gas-fired power plants—Oregon’s six largest polluters. Read May 20th testimony to the Environmental Quality Commission (which oversees DEQ) about this indefensible omission.


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