Tell Biden: We need a Civilian Climate Corps

From our friends at Sunrise Movement:

The economic hardships of the past year and the climate crisis have made it clear: we need good jobs that will help restore our communities and create a livable future.

The Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) is a visionary proposal that would create millions of good-paying, union jobs with healthcare, student loan forgiveness, long-term career guidance. CCC projects could include wetland restoration, installing solar panels and wind turbines, retrofitting homes and more.

Poverty, homelessness and economic distress are all preventable policy choices that result from a lack of investment in our communities. Through this CCC, the government will put people to work for living wages to support a clean energy future — and in doing so, help end long standing cycles of poverty, homelessness and incarceration. Our communities can’t wait.

Add your name today if you agree that we need a fully-funded, robust Civilian Climate Corps!


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