Mid-August Climate Justice Actions

By Janet Weil and Lynn Spitaleri Handlin

August 13: #DefundLine3! Stop the Money Pipeline! XRPDX rebels took to the streets to challenge the banks that are irresponsibly funding fossil fuel infrastructure projects, including the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase bank branches on Hawthorne Street, despite the very high heat and poor air quality. Then they hopped on a bus to bring the “Climate Crime Scene” message and the “Chicken Dance” to the Chase bank across from Pioneer Square. Our own singer-songwriter Wendy performed a new song, “Chickenshit” calling out the culprits who have gotten us to this point of global crisis.

Here is a video of the action in front of the downtown Chase bank branch for your viewing pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDX5npZRgIw

These actions are part of our continuing work with Stop The Money Pipeline, and were our colorful contribution to the national day of action to target climate-busting banks, as described in this article.

August 16: Our allies Cascadia Magical Activists brought a little Rattlesnake Magic to Zenith. A grandmother with grandchildren and a few other witches did some magic to drive Zenith out, and bring life back to this wasted, tortured place.

Also on August 16th, Representative Khanh Pham of Oregon House District 46 tweeted out:

“We are in a full out climate crisis. I urge the City of Portland to do the right thing and deny Zenith Energy’s application for a land use compatibility statement for their crude oil terminal in NW PDX.The catastrophic risks of approving this permit cannot be understated.”

(To read her full statement, click here.)

August 17: Healthcare workers and allies delivered #StopLine3 letter. As part of a day of actions in 7 states and Washington, DC, #StopLine3 activists organized by Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility gathered in front of the office of the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE). Local folks who have traveled to Minnesota in the struggle against Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline, spoke about blockading and doing other direct actions in Minnesota, led by Indigenous water and land protectors. Nurses and doctors held signs and spoke about the ongoing health crises, part of the overall climate crisis. A Native family from Walla Walla came in support of the day of action – the daughter of the speaker is a medical student at OHSU. A powerful song for healing by an Indigenous man closed out the rally.

(Photo credit: Janet Weil)

A small delegation went to the ACE building and were met by Matt Rabe, PR person for the Army Corps of Engineers. They had a productive discussion and Rabe assured the group that the letter asking for permits to be revoked would be sent to the Minnesota Army Corps of Engineers and then conveyed to President Biden.

For more on this day of action, please read this article in Indian Country today.

(Photo credit: Lynn Spitaleri Handlin)

Coming up tomorrow (August 19, 5:30 pm): DEQ is hosting a public hearing online about the Zenith Energy Terminal Holdings, LLC’s stormwater permit, known officially as the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System 1200-C construction stormwater general permit.

Register to attend on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_sII3ws5HTq-XntR8QJv3Eg

The younger you are, the more it matters. (Photo credit: Lynn Spitaleri Handlin)

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