Listen to Youth Climate Activists, Governor Kotek!

[Last November 8, former Oregon State Speaker Tina Kotek was elected governor, Oregon’s third woman governor and one of a record-breaking 12 female governors chosen by voters in 2022. Longtime activist and XRPDX rebel Lynn Handlin sent Kotek this letter on Winter Solstice, December 21, 2022. – Ed.]

Dear Governor-Elect Kotek,

I happily and frequently canvassed for you in Clackamas County, including in Molalla and Happy Valley – not the easiest areas – and was thrilled when you won.

I am concerned that since then I have heard not one word about climate change from you or your staff. Lots of pro-business stuff, and some potentially good stuff around housing, but dead silence on climate. Please tell me this is a momentary aberration and that you have some very good plans that you will begin implementing on Day 1. [Note: Governor-Elect Kotek’s website does not mention climate issues. Check it out here.]

Also, I strongly urge you to meet with people from the climate justice activist community and especially from the youth activists. There are many very well informed, strong climate activists who are still in High School. Meet with them, and really, really listen to them. Your predecessor [Governor Kate Brown] failed in this area, met with them once and proceeded to talk down to them, and did nothing. They have many excellent ideas, know their stuff and it is their futures we are currently ruining with inaction.

Thank you,

Lynn Handlin

About Lynn Spitaleri Handlin

Organizing member of Extinction rebellion pdx, founding member of Cascadia Magical Activists, loves doing habitat restoration for fun.


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