Just Say No to Zenith Oil

Zenith Energy ships some of the dirtiest oil on the planet by rail through Portland — mainly through low income neighborhoods — and loads that oil onto tanker ships at a facility built on an earthquake liquefaction zone.

On July 27th a number of Portlanders demonstrated their concerns by holding a rally on Front Avenue, where Zenith unloads tar sands crude from rail cars. At the same time, another group of voters kayaked out to the pier where that oil is pumped onto ships.

Portland City Council and Staff at Bureau of Developmental Services,

Have you read your own Critical Energy Infrastructure Earthquake report?

We know you’ve heard from dozens of neighborhood associations and faith groups.  Thousands of worried residents have signed petitions and called your offices. All of us are telling you to deny the LUCS. We need you to shut down Zenith and prevent the catastrophe that is threatening us all.

Are you afraid of a lawsuit from Zenith? You should be more concerned about the existential threat of climate change and the multiple threats that Zenith poses to the people of Portland. 

You know what to do.  Deny the LUCS!

[Contact Commissioner Dan Ryan and the rest of City Council to demand that they deny the LUCS. Find more information and talking points that explain why Zenith Energy is clearly incompatible with Portland, or any other community, see StopZenithOil.org. ]

Commissioner Dan Ryan

Mayor Ted Wheeler

Commissioner Joann Hardesty

Commissioner Mingus Mapps

Commissioner Carmen Rubio

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