July 14th: Join us for a “Press Conference” outside KOIN’s studios!

Portland’s mainstream news outlets have been all but silent on Zenith Energy and their proposed facility expansion. The last time KOIN TV covered it was back in September 2019!

This is despite the fact that Zenith is running bomb trains through Portland’s residential neighborhoods, running oil infrastructure next to Forest Park, and that Portlanders probably don’t want to keep supporting the climate crisis after an unprecedented heat wave/mass casualty event that, as of this writing, has killed 72 people in Multnomah County alone.

The future of Zenith’s facility will likely be decided this month when City Hall accepts or rejects the Land Use Compatibility Statement they need to move forward with their expansion. This is being done in the dark with no opportunity for public comment or even an announced deadline for the decision (hence the “likely”).

Does it take a dumpster fire to get their attention. Join us to find out! on Wednesday, July 14th at 11 am in front of KOIN Tower at 222 SW Columbia Ave [map]!


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