July 12th: “Kill the Black Snake” Bank Walk!

Calling all snake handlers!

The Black Snake is a monster long prophesied by the Lakota people that will desecrate the Lakota’s sacred sites, poison the water, and ultimately destroy the world. The resemblance between the Black Snake and the Line 3 oil pipeline is uncanny. On Monday, July 12th, we’re going to show it who’s boss!

As part of the Defund Line 3 Week of Art Actions, in solidarity with the Indigenous resistance to the Line 3 pipeline, we will be meeting at Sewallcrest Park (SE 31st Ave and SE Stephen St [map]) on July 12th at 3 pm to march to the Hawthorne branches of three banks (Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America) that have been financially supporting the pipeline.

There are many ways to participate! Please contact annie of 350pdx’s defund/divest team on Signal, 509-200-3777, and let her know how you can help.

Here are some ways to help:

  • Are you well-connected? We need people to spread the word about event!
  • Do you like reptiles? We need snake handlers to carry the black snake (which is actually just a garden hose)!
  • Do you demand justice? We need a snake executioner!
  • Do you like order? We need marshals!
  • Do you have a big mouth? We need people to lead chants!
  • Do you have a silver tongue? We need an emcee!
  • Do you like outreach? We need people to hand out fliers (with contact info for Biden and the bank presidents)!
  • Do you like documentation? We need a photographer!
  • Do you like to be first? We need someone to go into each bank (just ahead of the marchers) and give our fliers to the tellers!
  • Do you like to carry signs? Yes, you do! Everybody loves to carry signs!

Here’s a toolkit with lots of creative ideas: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14ECFbLE4a0kKun0_EnZfRmoK0HtLsOwXRU41YyC82Lo/edit


A Planet Without Social Justice Is Not Worth Having

July 14th: Join us for a “Press Conference” outside KOIN’s studios!