Join Us in a National Stop Line 3 Day of Action

Noon This Friday, May 7thChase Bank at 112th and Halsey (1515 NE 112th Ave) in Portland, Oregon.

Water Protectors are taking almost daily direct action to stop the construction of the toxic Line 3 tar sands pipeline: locking themselves inside sections of pipe, blockading entrances to construction sites, even using pianos to stop construction. 

On the frontlines, more than 240 people have now been arrested for taking bold direct action to stop the construction of Line 3.

Major banks ― such as JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CitiBank and TD Bank ― have loaned billions of dollars to Enbridge so it can build Line 3.  We are targeting Chase Bank which has $1.8 billion with Enbridge and is one of the greatest funders of fossil fuel projects in general.Those banks are profiting from the Line 3 pipeline. They are enabling the pipeline. They are complicit in the pipeline. And they will be held accountable.

Leaders on the frontlines are calling on activists around the world to organize #DefundLine3 actions at branches of the banks funding this toxic pipeline. 

Stop the Money Pipeline, alongside the frontlines, is calling for a global day of action to defund Line 3. On May 7, 2021, activists around the world will organize actions & protests at the branches, offices and headquarters of the banks funding Line 3.


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