International Mothers Rebellion* Circle

Printable Announcement Flyer

On Saturday, May 25th at noon near the Skidmore Fountain at Ankeny and West Burnside in the midst of the Saturday Market, there will be a  Mothers* Rebellion gathering of International Solidarity.  In many African countries and around the world this action will happen on this date to draw attention to climate chaos, the impacts of extractivism, and other environmental destruction.  We are inviting folks to join us in sharing what is heavy in your hearts and minds. South African singer, Loveness Wesa will be part of the gathering.

Mothers* Rebellion for Climate Justice calls out to mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters and  caregivers and allies of all kinds – to come together and take action for the sake of all children. This action circle gathers us together in a public space facing passers-by with signage that speaks to our concerns. Through silence, testimonies and music, we help ourselves and others to connect with the gravity and our grief about what is transpiring. 

The goal of Mothers* Rebellion is to help mobilize the majority of the population world-wide who take climate research seriously and are worried.  Together, we will demand that our political leaders declare a climate emergency and that they enact just policies to confront climate chaos and policies that are a threat to us all.

Participants often hold signs with the names of children they love; places experiencing climate chaos, war, or environmental destruction; or other messages related to the climate crisis.  At various points, individuals break the silence by saying what is heavy on their hearts and what can be done. 

* This event is fully inclusionary and we invite all that want to participate.

About Diana Meisenhelter

Diana Meisenhelter has been involved on the Action Team of XRPDX since January 2019.  She served on the Extinction Rebellion US National Restructure Working Group proposal for a year and a half.  Active in antiracist, social justice, labor, and environmental organizing since the early 1970s, Diana has over 50 years of experience in movements for justice.


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