Get Oregon’s Money Out of Fossil Fuels!

From our friends at 350pdx:

Did you know that Oregon’s State Treasury has billions of dollars invested in fossil fuels? And over $100 million of that is currently invested in coal? And our Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) is where the vast majority of those funds come from.

State Treasurer Tobias Read was elected to be our voice in how state money is managed and invested. If corporate boards of directors refuse to pull out of fossil fuel investments, end deforestation, and stop human rights abuses, Treasurer Read can vote to remove those directors. Treasurer Read can also protect state funds by withdrawing our money from risky fossil fuel investments.

Just recently, the state of New York recently began divesting their $226 billion pension fund from fossil fuels. Why can’t Oregon?

We Need You!

On May 5th at 7-8 pm, more than 30 organizations from all over Oregon are converging online to ask Treasurer Read how he plans to invest the billions of dollars under the management of the State Treasury. Oregonians want investments that will ameliorate climate change and help build a sustainable future for Oregon and the rest of the planet.

Register now for the May 5th event!

Use your voice to urge Oregon’s Treasurer Read to become a climate champion!

Event Details
What: Climate Justice Q&A with Oregon State Treasurer
Tobias Read
When: Wednesday, May 5th at 7-8PM
Where: Virtual – after registering you will receive a confirmation email with information on how to join


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