March 26th: Stand Against Anti-Asian Violence

White supremacist violence against people of Asian descent is nothing new. Indeed, it’s nearly as old as the country itself. But with the recent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes across the country, we must stand together to put a stop to it.

Protect the Beavers!

Two beavers in the woods, hanging out together on a log.

Support! Our! Beavers! Contact your state representative and tell them to support Oregon House Bill 2843, the beaver bill! This bill will make it harder to kill beavers, especially on public lands, for “sport”. Beavers … Read more

Join the Pipeline Apocalypse!

A Line 3 protester doing a tree sit.

In Minnesota, the Public Utilities Commission there voted to allow Enbridge to build a pipeline replacement project known as Line 3. This pipeline will carry tars sands crude across northern Minnesota and will be routed through pristine bodies … Read more