XRUS All-Member Gathering!

By The XRUS Chapter Engagement and Support Working Group
(Leah, Philip, and Ellen)

The next few months and years are utterly crucial for mitigating the worst impacts of climate change. The United States, as one of the wealthiest nations and largest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, must step into a meaningful role in bringing about global climate justice, and U.S. activists must hold our country’s leaders to account. Extinction Rebellion is one of the most effective global, grassroots activist movements. We need a strong XRUS to be sure that the U.S. plays its part for global climate justice!

XRUS has been rebuilding, and now we are ready to help all of our chapters rebuild. It’s been a rough two and a half years for climate activism, but we have been developing resources and processes to help existing chapters rebuild, new chapters get started, and all interested activists find or create an active chapter.

One of the processes XRUS is trying out: semi-annual all-member gatherings. In March we held a Members Assembly, at which the new XRUS structure was ratified. On Saturday, November 5 from 11amPT/2pmET to 1pmPT/4pmET, we will hold an All-Chapter Gathering, inviting members of XRUS chapters from around the country to share ideas, hear about what XRUS has to offer and network with other chapters across the country and in your region. We are aiming to create strong ties among all XRUS chapters that will make our collective work more effective. Register here:

Proposed agenda for the two-hour meeting:

1. Opening: Land acknowledgment, centering activity, and introductions

2. Break-out rooms for regional circles to network and coordinate

3. Report-back on regional circles

4. Overview and discussion of XRUS resources for chapters

5. Overview and Q&A on XRUS Working Groups and the Nomination Process

6. Report from XR Global about potential chapter partnerships

7. Closing and optional break-out rooms for further discussions

Let’s come together on November 5 to keep building an effective XRUS. All members of all XRUS chapters are welcome and needed!


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