XRPDX Opposes Duterte’s attacks on Climate Justice and Human Rights Activists

We stand in support of Portland’s Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines. President Duterte is attempting to pass an Anti-Terror Bill that would criminalize and threaten environmental defenders and anyone who criticizes his oppressive regime in the Philippines, and undermine people’s basic right to political expression.

It will also have deleterious affects on Filipinos around the world—organizers in Portland who are Philippine citizens are at risk of being labeled a terrorist and barred from ever returning home.

(See this Rappler article for more info on the bill.)

It is important to let our congressional delegations know that we are not in favor of any military support for the Duterte regime and oppose this Anti-Terror Bill as a threat to human rights. There is a military sales underway that includes weaponry and surveillance equipment that would likely be used against the Filipino people.


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