The “We’re F****d” To-Do List

We – the entire human and non-human populations of Earth – are now officially in the “We’re F****d” stage of climate crisis. Extinction Rebellion UK called it first, but the IPCC Report that dropped on Monday (August 9, 2021) took it mainstream. Take a look at it. If you prefer to get the gist of the Report by listening, here’s a good 26-minute interview with clean tech author Ketan Joshi: 

One quote from the headline summaries brought tears to my eyes and a clench to my jaws: “Global surface temperature will continue to increase until at least the mid-century under all emissions scenarios considered.” All scenarios. Get ready and get busy, because it’s going to get worse for decades.

The fact that increasing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and a few other gasses trap heat from the sun in the lower atmosphere – leading to higher average planetary temperature, loss of ice sheets and glaciers, sea level rise, and on and on – has been well-established since the late 19th century. As Our Children’s Trust showed in a skit, every U.S. presidential administration from Kennedy’s onward has been briefed on global warming. 

But that knowledge has not led to the reduction of what are unfortunately called “greenhouse” gasses (“smothering and killing” gasses would have been a better choice) and a commitment to regenerate nature. “Follow the science” rings hollow to political decision-makers. They follow the money and the dictates of the powerful, including oil and gas corporations, until a force even greater than CEOs and billionaire donors compels them to make other choices. 

This latest IPCC Report, for all that it continues to dodge the issue of who really among “humans” is responsible for this existential threat, completely supports the Extinction Rebellion position that we must act NOW. 

From the first meeting of 15 people in England in summer 2018 to today, we rebels have said, sung, screamed HELL YEAH to mass nonviolent civil disobedience in the face of impending planetary doom. The collective XR decision to take the fight to the powerful in the streets from the start, refusing to be drawn into electoral politics, and insisting on social justice and legal recognition of ecocide (the 4th Demand) — all that has been correct. More than correct. Courageous, determined, and often beautiful.

Here’s what it has looked like recently in Portland, Oregon as part of the Stop Zenith Oil struggle: 

So what’s next? Here’s the To-Do List:

— Join XRPDX (or some other climate/environmental/justice group.) Thank you if you already have! Attend a meeting or send us an email:

— Give: your time, talents, money, attention. 

— Receive: information and support.

Only the most massive and furiously determined justice movement in human history will prevent uncontrollable climate breakdown. Your contribution is needed and appreciated.

As Greta Thunberg said, ““Hope doesn’t come from words. Hope only comes from actions.”


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