Stop the Pipeline: More on Line 3

This is a critical time to try to stop Enbridge from moving forward on Line 3, the destructive Minnesota tar sands pipeline. Indigenous women have been leading the struggle against the pipeline for years and last October sent a letter to bank funders and insurers asking for them to meet with them and received no response. (Read the letter here.)

XRPDX took part in actions with the local Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP) coalition last week delivering the letter to Chase bank branches throughout Portland and in November took action at Liberty Mutual. Now STMP is asking people to write Daniel Pinto, the Chief Operating Officer and Co-President of JP Morgan, demanding action. 350PDX has the details, along with more information and resources.

Meanwhile, direct actions led by Indigenous women are beginning at the Line 3 construction site and they are calling people across the country to join them starting Monday.

Rising Tide is hosting a Zoom call this Tuesday evening to find out what can be done online to support them. Register for the call here!

Finally there is a call by XR Justice member and Indigenous water protector, Cherri Foytlin for XRPDX to take part nationally in organizing rotating caravans to be on site at Line 3 over the next months to directly resist pipeline construction.

Come to our Action team meeting on Tuesday to hear discussion of this and other support opportunities!


Action Report: Stop Chase-ing Tar Sands Money!

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