Support the ceded rights of local tribes to gather traditional foods.

Since time immemorial, huckleberries have been a sustenance food and an integral part of the spiritual practices of the traditional peoples from the Four Columbia River Tribes: Warm Springs, Yakama, Umatilla and Ne me pu (Nez Perce). The Treaty of 1865 between the U.S. Government and the Tribes guarantees the Right to Hunt and Gather Sustenance Foods in All Usual and Accustomed Places.

The deliberate depletion of the huckleberry, by causing picking areas to become inaccessible to tribal members through commercialization of any means is a violation of the Treaty and The American Indian Freedom of Religion Act because of their spiritual significance. We are concerned also for our relatives – the Bear, Deer, Elk, Birds and other forest animals that depend upon the huckleberry shrub and/or the fruit for survival.

Approximately ten years ago, the Oregonian printed a full page article featuring huckleberries.  A newly formed lucrative market for the berries ensued. Washington State US Forest Service began to sell commercial huckleberry permits exponentially.  This single action has devastated the spiritual practices, health, and well-being of tribal members steeped in traditions. In our way, we are never to exchange our traditional foods or medicines for money. The Tribes had no say in the late 1800’s when our precious salmon was commercialized, but vowed to never allow the remainder of traditional foods to have the same fate.

Mt Hood Forest Service does NOT sell huckleberry permits out of respect for tribal culture.  Thank you Mt. Hood US Forest Service!  Unfortunately, this has not stopped the hordes of illegal commercial pickers from boldly intruding on areas in Oregon where tribal families have harvested since time immemorial. Commercial pickers use intimidating tactics; they brandish automatic weapons and shoot over the heads of tribal pickers.

For more info contact: Wanapum Sustenance Foods & Spiritual Practices Conservation  971-325-1211 or  Make a donation to $KlairiceWestley on Cash App.


Call, email, or write:  Tell the Forest Service to STOP selling huckleberry permits and increase FS Law Enforcement during huckleberry season.  Tell Tillamook Creamery and Umpqua Dairy to stop the use of huckleberries in their products.  Tell grocery stores to discontinue all huckleberry products.  Ask Governor Inslee of Washington to follow the lead of Mt Hood Forest Service and ban commercial picking.  Ask Oregon Governor Tina Kotek to follow Mt. Hood FS lead and discontinue huckleberry permits in all Oregon Forests.  Tell them to Enforce the Treaty of 1895 with the Tribes and the Lacey Act of 1900 that bans the interstate trafficking of forest products!  Truck loads of huckleberries are transported to California and from there, who knows?

USDA Forests Service Headquarters Matt Mawhirter at 360-216-3856, 987 McCellan Road, Vancouver, WA  98661

WA Gov. Jay Inslee at 360-902-4111, PO Box 40002 Olympia WA  98504-0002

OR Gov Tina Kotek  503-378-4562, 900 Court Street, Ste. 254, Salem OR 97301-4047

Tillamook Creamery (Huckleberry ice cream and yogurt) 855-562-3568, 4185 N Hwy 101, Tillamook OR  97141

Umpqua Dairy (Huckleberry ice cream) 541-672-2638 or 888-672-6455, 333 SE Sykes, PO Box 1306, Roseburg OR




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