Stop Manchin’s Dirty Side Deal!

XRPDX is taking action!

Who: XRPDX and Allies
What: Street Theater Protest and Letter Delivery
Where: Senator Wyden’s Office, 911 NE 11th Avenue, Portland
When: Friday, September 9, 1 pm
Why: To #StopTheDirtySideDeal

Here is the pledge we are asking Oregon’s Senators to sign on to:

1. Tell Majority Leader Schumer NOT to add the Manchin side deal as an amendment to the Continuing Resolution or ANY Senate bill.

2. Vote NO on the side deal if it is brought to the floor in any form.

3. If the side deal is brought to a vote as an amendment, ask for a roll call vote, so that all senators’ votes are on the record. 

As if the Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law by President Biden, didn’t include enough concessions to the oil, gas and coal industries, Senate Majority Leader Schumer agreed to a backroom side deal with “Coal Baron Joe” Manchin, and is now “pledging” to pass it no matter what, as part of the must-pass Continuing Resolution government funding bill: Not so fast, Senator Schumer!

This so-called “permitting reform” bill would fast track fossil fuel (and renewable energy) infrastructure projects. If passed into law, our rights to publicly comment on, file lawsuits against, and eventually STOP destructive projects, will be severely eroded. As John Walsh of Food and Water Watch Policy warns“This should no longer be considered a ‘side deal,’ it is the main event for fossil fuel polluters that have pushed to weaken environmental reviews. The draft requires a constantly updated list of projects that will be placed on the fast track, limiting public input and necessary environmental review.”

Please join us if you can, and spread the word! We will gather this Friday, 1 pm, for a street theater skit with puppets, chants and songs, brief speeches and letter delivery to Senator Wyden’s staff. If you cannot attend in person, please call Senator Wyden’s DC office, (202) 224-5244, and demand that he oppose the dirty deal! Also, please call Rep. Blumenauer or Bonamici, plus Senator Merkley at 202-224-3121.

Pacific Northwest climate/environmental justice activists have long fought fossil fuel infrastructure and export projects, earning us the name “The Thin Green Line.” This dirty side deal would slash through the Thin Green Line leaving our region, and indeed the entire country, more vulnerable to corporations determined to squeeze every dollar they can out of our lands and waters. Hundreds of organizations including Extinction Rebellion are speaking up in opposition, and Senator Wyden, who claims to be a “climate champion” on his website, should stand with us. It’s time for Senator Wyden (and Merkley) to speak out against this dirty side deal.

For more on the Dirty Side Deal:

Stop the Dirty Side Deal! Senator Wyden didn’t cozy up to Manchin and agree to this, and neither did we!

[Photo taken from Senator Manchin’s official website. He’s a hugger, apparently.]


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