Spring Rebellion Sample Letter to Editor

[Please adapt and personalize this sample letter to the editor and send it to your local newspaper or neighborhood association newsletter.]

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said on March 20 we must stop new oil, gas, and coal development now. Global temperatures will stop rising if we slash heat-trapping emissions, starting now. Here in Portland and Oregon, our public institutions and private corporations must step up to the task. Extinction Rebellion PDX, with other allied organizations, is challenging them to do that.  

We are launching a three-part Spring Rebellion campaign. First, along with Third Act, we are demanding that banks, specifically Wells Fargo among many others, divest themselves from fossil fuel companies. Second, in support of OPAL (Organizing People/Activating Leaders) Environmental Justice Oregon, we are demanding that TriMet work toward making public transportation (buses and light rail) fareless in order to encourage ridership and thus reduce emissions by private vehicles. And third, we are continuing our effort with others to shut down Zenith Energy, the fossil fuel storage and transshipment facility that sits on the Willamette River in an earthquake-vulnerable liquefaction zone in NW Portland.  

Time is running out. To get the details of and join us for our late April actions, go to our website at xrpdx.org.

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About Michaela McCormick

Michaela McCormick is a white-bodied transgender activist currently working with Extinction Rebellion, and a Buddhist student/teacher drawing from many wisdom traditions. Her political/liberatory work includes teaching and organizing for the transformation of white supremacist, colonialist, patriarchal, earth-spoiling capitalism into just, compassionate, regenerative systems and relationships. For 25 years she worked as a teacher, trainer, and practitioner of conflict resolution and public dialogue. She has written two memoirs and now writes poetry and essays on social and spiritual themes.


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