Rumble on the River #13 Webinar

Thursday, February 22, 2024, 7:00 pm-8:30 pm, Register here for the Zoom Webinar.

Risky Reality of Our Toxic Mix

Over 1000 hazardous materials storage containers at local industries in Multnomah County are in danger of leaking in an earthquake because they were not built to seismic design standards. Those holding hazardous gases may release toxic plumes into the air that can be life-threatening; plumes will be carried by the wind to other locations. Other hazmats may spill onto soil and water with dire environmental impacts.  View the report from Institute of Sustainable Solutions/PSU and Multnomah County.

Panelists will present on toxic plume releases following an earthquake and public actions to take:

  1. Review of the Report: Risks to All Multnomah County Residents: Luke Hanst, Institute of Sustainable Solutions/PSU, a key writer of the report
  2. Emergency Management of a Toxic Scenario: Chris Voss, Director Multnomah County Emergency Management 
  3. Community Resilience and Preparedness Strategies: Alice Busch, Multnomah County Emergency Operations, report writer, EMT, former firefighter and former NET
  4. Public Safety Education Resource:  Information about Community Right to Know

Joint Moderators: Nancy Hiser and Shawn Looney, Linnton Neighborhood Association, Tank the Tanks, NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team) team

Rumble on the River Community Forums were created more than a year ago to share expert knowledge about hazards of the Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub with the community.  They have succeeded in spreading awareness about important safety, energy, and environmental issues. It’s a superb way to educate ourselves and to strengthen community voices.

Please take a moment to sign our petition about community safety and the CEI Hub if you haven’t already.


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