Resist Insurrection!

Even though the inauguration on January 20th is less than a week away, six days is still an eternity. Here are things you can do now:

The House of Representatives passed new articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, and now the ball is in the Senate’s court to kick him out, not just to keep him from burning everything down on his way out but to keep him from ever coming back. Contact Senators Wyden and Merkeley and tell them to get this done before January 20th!

  • Sen. Ron Wyden: Email, Tweet or call (202) 224-5244
  • Sen. Jeff Merkley: Email, Tweet or call (202) 224-3753

The House and Senate can expel members who have proven dangerous or unfit for office. Given Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley‘s shameless agitations of the crowd (even as the incident was ongoing!) for personal political gain, if there was ever a time to use this power, it’s now.

When you contact Senators Wyden and Merkley, tell them “We demand bold action immediately to hold those complicit in inciting the January 6th attack accountable. Make sure your colleagues who tried to overturn democracy understand that if they do not resign, they will be expelled.”

You can also demand Cruz and Hawley resign directly over social media:

@tedcruz @hawleyMO By inciting this violent attack on our Capitol, you’ve betrayed your office, our country, and the will of the people. I am calling on you to resign immediately. #RemoveNow (tweet this)

For more ideas and resources on cleaning up Congress, see this amazing document by Democracy Rising:

Fixing a problem isn’t enough. You also have to keep it from happening again. Fortunately, we know the solution: more democracy.

A number of bills are already ready to go that will work toward finally creating full participation in the democratic process, addressing systemic racism in our voting structures, rooting out corruption and special interests, and empowering workers and civic organizations:

Now is a good time to start getting familiar with the bills President Biden will need to get passed if we want to have even a chance of surviving this crisis:


Editor’s Note on January 6th’s Events

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