Multnomah County Speaks Out

Kudos to Multnomah County Commissioners for speaking out opposing Zenith Energy!  On December 7, 2023, Multnomah County Commissioners sent a letter to the DEQ asking it to deny Zenith Energy’s air contaminant discharge permit, citing health and safety risks to the community and further fueling the climate crisis.

The letter reads, in part: 

We are writing to voice opposition to the approval of Zenith Energy Terminal Holdings LLC’s (“Zenith”) current Air Contaminant Discharge Permit application. The Department of Environmental Quality has the responsibility and authority to protect public health and the environment. As a jurisdiction with shared values, we urge you to use your existing authority to reject this permit. We agree with advocates that the Oregon Administrative Procedure, 340-018-0050(2)(a)(C), and the circumstances surrounding this facility warrant a rejection of the permit.

Multnomah County Commissioners

See the letter from the Multnomah County Commissioners.

Take action: Fight for Clean Air! 

Multnomah County has a huge opportunity to fight back against the gas industry and enact policies that ensure cleaner and safer air for us all to breathe. The problem? They’re stalling, and need to hear from us to take this bold action.

Join us in calling and emailing Multnomah County Commissioners to say we need Clean Air Quality Standards NOW! Learn more here. 

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