It’s time for the final push on Zenith!

This is a critical week. The City Commissioners and Mayor Wheeler MUST hear from 5-10 thousand folks – so please ask 10-20 friends to call! Tell them to “Deny Zenith’s LUCS permit”!

Here’s a new video on Zenith, a 66-second call to action, complete with Portland City Council’s contacts. Please watch and share. Twitter Link Here.

Call To Action: Mass Call-In.

To stop Zenith Energy’s harm to our health, safety and climate, the City Council needs to hear from thousands of us. They’ve already received hundreds of calls. Let’s multiply these numbers.

Calling is our most effective, most immediate way to stop Zenith Energy from gaining approval of the Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) from the City of Portland. Without the LUCS, Zenith can’t move forward with their expansion. We have to make sure they don’t get it!

Keep Calling!

We ask that this week and the next and the next, you call all five City Commissioners.

Ask your friends to call, too. There is no age or voting registration requirement.


No expertise is needed to call in. Call anytime 24/7. Most likely, you won’t speak to a human. Messages go directly to a recording to be tallied.

Your call can be as simple as this: 

“Hello. This is my message to Mayor Wheeler [or Commissioner _________ ].

My name is _________.

I vote […or I will when I’m old enough]. 

Please say ‘No’ to Zenith Oil and deny the LUCS. Thank you.”

The Numbers:

  • Commissioner Dan Ryan: 503-823-3589
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler: 503-823-4120
  • Commissioner Carmen Rubio: 503-823-3008
  • Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty: 503-823-4151
  • Commissioner Mingus Mapps: 503-823-4682

If you want to quickly send a more detailed letter as well, go to

We also need help hanging door hangers in the blast zones in North, NE and NW Portland asking folks to call, so if you are able to spare a couple of hours, text 503-349-1460 to make arrangements.


Let’s Stop Trans Mountain!