#DeadlineGlasgow: Taking the Message to the Banks!

Join us in action. We’ll be delivering a petition and making some noise at
Chase Bank, 2714 N Lombard, Friday at noon on September 17
Wells Fargo Bank, 5444 SE 82nd, Saturday at 11 am on September 18.
We’re organizing with 350pdx.org to amplify the international call for banks to defund fossil fuel projects.

International Call to Action

On November 1st, the most important international climate talks since the Paris Agreement will begin in Glasgow, Scotland.The Glasgow Climate Talks, or COP26, are a historic opportunity for the world to act on climate, but we won’t see the transformational action we need ― unless the climate movement holds governments and corporations accountable.

Meanwhile, financial institutions ― from banks to insurance companies ― are still providing loans, insurance and billions in investment capital to corporations expanding the fossil fuel industry and deforesting the Amazon and other tropical forests. These companies are guilty of human rights abuses and violations of Indigenous sovereignty.

In conjunction with Stop the Money Pipeline, local folks are going to deliver petitions with over 150,000 signatories to bank branches, insurance offices, and key federal targets. The demand? That all financial institutions and the US government finally end their support for companies engaged in climate destruction and human rights abuses by the start of the Glasgow Climate Talks. 


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