Cut Pollution at Carty!

Our strong ally, Columbia Riverkeeper, has asked for our help with this campaign to cut pollution.

PGE’s Carty Generating Station, located in Boardman, Northeastern Oregon, is a 450-megawatt fracked gas power plant that generates electricity for retail customers. The Carty Plant produces a variety of harmful pollutants including nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, toluene, and particulate matter.

PGE wants the DEQ to approve a massive increase in air pollution from carbon monoxide and volatile organic compound emissions, both of which have serious health and environmental/climate impacts. If granted, PGE would increase carbon monoxide pollution by almost 300%, and VOCs more than 800%, from this plant. In the midst of a climate emergency, Oregon must focus on reducing emissions—not give a green light for more pollution. Here’s an overview of the Carty pollution proposal. Columbia Riverkeeper has put together a comment writing guide. Please send in your comments before December 17.


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